Vehicle Aquisition

Any Make or Model

When you’re part of the Sutton Leasing family, you’re also part of an extended collection of relationships we’ve forged with every major vehicle manufacturer in the United States. This makes Sutton Leasing your one-stop shop for all makes and models at extremely competitive prices.  Imagine walking into your Ford Dealership and telling them that in addition to the three F-150s you need, you’d also like a Chevy Tahoe for your operations manager and a new Audi A8 for yourself.  Try though they may, your local dealership simply does not have the buying clout to negotiate with external brands like Sutton Leasing does every day.

No matter where you are in the United States, Sutton Leasing can deliver your vehicles to you complete with every available factory offer, option and discount you’d typically only find on a dealership lot.

Factory Orders

If you’re like most Sutton Leasing clients, your fleet is managed in accordance with a replacement policy. This process allows you to plan for resource allocation and fleet vehicle replacement well in advance of the end of the existing lease.  This creates the option for custom factory orders negotiated at the best possible price.

Typical factory order delivery times are 8-12 weeks.

Stock Orders

Our clients occasionally do not have the luxury of time on their side and, in these cases, vehicles are acquired from stock inventory.  Whether it be our own stock inventory, or inventory available through a nationwide network of franchise dealers, we can provide new vehicles anywhere in the country at competitive prices.  Stock orders can be delivered quickly, sometimes within two days.

Used Vehicles

There are times when used vehicles make sense. In these cases we carefully select vehicles through our national network of wholesalers and auctions, allowing us to offer quality vehicles at reduced prices.

Aftermarket Coordination

The acquisition process extends beyond just the vehicle.  Often times, it includes aftermarket equipment, which needs to be coordinated. From truck bodies to tow hitches, shelving packages to ladder racks, decals to complete wraps, Sutton Leasing coordinates all aftermarket equipment for its clients.  Vehicles are delivered ready for the road. This streamlines the process, eliminates downtime, and allows us to include the aftermarket items in our financing.