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History and Philosophy

Sutton Leasing was founded in 1989 by Clyde J. Sutton.  Mr. Sutton's vast experience in the automotive, leasing, and finance industry spans more than fifty years, which includes executive positions with Ford Motor Company, McCullough Leasing (now GE Capital Fleet Services), and Southeast Toyota, in addition to owning a GM franchise.  Mr. Sutton continues to serve as President and CEO, and actively manages the business.

In 1995, C.J Sutton joined his father in the business as Chief Commercial Officer, followed by his sister Amy Sutton Blair as Chief Financial Officer in 2002. Both C.J. and Amy spent many years with Deloitte before joining the family business.

In 2003, Sutton Leasing acquired Dalco Auto Leasing in Dayton, Ohio, where Joe LaBello, applies his vast fleet management experience and manages the operation. In 2008, Sutton opened a regional office in Deerfield Beach, FL, where Mark Francis heads the Florida operation. Mark and his team all had extensive careers with Enterprise Fleet Management before joining Sutton Leasing.  In 2014, Sutton Leasing acquired Arnie Yusim Leasing in Northbrook, IL.  Jerry Yusim, who previously owned the business, serves as Regional Vice President and maintains the company's position as a leader in the automotive fleet management services industry for the Chicago area. 

Today, Sutton Leasing is ranked as one of the top ten fleet management companies in the United States where flexible customized solutions and prompt personalized service are the hallmarks of our success.  At Sutton Leasing, we try to keep things simple.  The world is complicated enough.  We have learned that by doing the right thing day in and day out, with our customers and employees in mind, satisfaction and loyalty will ensue.   

We also know that large corporations start small.  That is why we do not discriminate based on fleet size.  From startup companies looking to acquire their first vehicle to mega corporations with thousands of fleet vehicles, we offer turn-key programs, fleet solutions, and cost savings for businesses of all sizes.  Partnering with our clients and growing together is our goal.  

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